The PRT certification training takes place virtually over the course of four weeks.

Each week, trainees are given access to a two-three hour video training to work through on their own schedules. This is followed by a live training at the end of each week from 9:00am – 12:00pm Pacific Time. These live, interactive trainings allow practitioners to practice integrating and applying the techniques learned throughout the corresponding week’s lesson.

The training is 21 hours in total. APA accreditation offers 12 Continuing Education Units to qualifying professionals for the 12 live contact hours. Please visit our Continuing Education Credit page for further details. Upon completion of the training, all certified providers are eligible to be listed on our Directory of Practitioners for visibility and referrals.

The training covers the following topics:

  • The neuroscience behind chronic pain.
  • Helping patients debunk the structural diagnosis and accept a mind-body explanation.
  • Breaking the pain-fear cycle.
  • Somatic Tracking – a guided exercise combining mindfulness, safety reappraisal, and positive affect induction.
  • The Process – a formula to determine when and how to use various pain-reducing techniques.
  • Overcoming extinction bursts and other setbacks.
  • Addressing other psychological factors that contribute to an overall sense of danger.
  • Applying a universally applicable formula to overcome any fear-inducing stimuli.
  • Developing a toolkit for maintenance and relapse prevention.

What People Are Saying

"I found the training extremely well planned and executed. Thank you for making the concepts clear, for your good humor, and for the many live demonstrations of applied PRT."
"This was the best training I undertook since I've become licensed. So relevant, especially as I work somatically with my clients."
"Wonderfully presented and extremely useful!"
"I think this course was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it to any health care practitioner who encounters patients with pain."

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