PRT Virtual Healing Workshop: Eight 90-minute group classes

Join an 8-week educational Healing Workshop now to overcome the challenges of chronic pain and embrace recovery in an expertly facilitated, peer-supported setting. Together we will cover the following topics:

  1. Psychoeducation: Understand why chronic pain develops and persists.
  2. Assessment: Gather personalized evidence and develop an understanding of your mind-body connection.
  3. Rewire Your Brain: Use pain-safety learning techniques such as guided exercises to interrupt your pain-fear cycle.
  4. Personalize Your Toolbox: Build your step-by-step guide to determine when and how to use pain-reducing techniques.
  5. Address Other Danger Signals: Identify other psychological factors contributing to a sense of danger, learn how they relate to your pain, and build the motivation to change.
  6. Recognize Your Behavioral Patterns: Identify the common behaviors and coping mechanisms reinforcing your pain and anxiety.
  7. Develop Self-Compassion: Learn to intervene on your own behalf from a place of self-love.
  8. Relapse Prevention: Develop your toolkit for maintenance and relapse prevention.

Please note this is not individual therapy or group therapy. Although there will be space to process more challenging concepts and seek guidance, the purpose of this workshop is mainly psychoeducation and a place to promote further self-work and PRT integration. 

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